Municipal Pipe and Tool has been a pleasure to deal with. Bryan Robinson has exceeded all expectations for our organization. While we only purchased a used piece of equipment Bryan has been the most knowledgeable and available salesperson I have ever dealt with. Without his help, implementation of the equipment we purchased would have been much more difficult. Thankful we found Municipal Pipe and Tool when looking to make a purchase!

Brian K.

In mid-October 2017 while conducting maintenance cleaning with Duane Wooden in Caledonia, MN we found a ring in the sewer line near the high school. After cleaning the ring up I was able to determine that it was a 2013 high school state championship football ring. I was able to read the name engraved on the inside of the ring, so I searched the name on Facebook and was able to locate and get a phone number for the owner. He was very excited to hear about me finding it and met up with me the next day to get it from me. Turns out it was a commemorative ring signifying 3 consecutive years of being MN high school football state champions.

Vince Orlando

Municipal Pipe Tool Company, LLC

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