Municipal Pipe Tool Company LLC in Hudson, IA helps municipalities and industries maintain and rehabilitate their sewer pipes to keep sewage contained. We offer a variety of sewer services that allow us to proactively protect the ecosystem and help the sewer system work more efficiently. Our sewer services include:

  • Sewer cleaning: to prevent blockages in sewer systems.
  • TV sewer inspections: to identify possible pipe leaks.
  • CIPP lining: to increases pipe capacity and decrease infiltration.
  • Grouting pipe laterals and joints: to prevent leaks, infiltration and inflow.

For all your sewer rehabilitation and maintenance needs, you can trust Municipal Pipe Tool Company. Call today to learn more about how our sewer services put the environment first.

We're celebrating 50 years in business

Since 1967, Municipal Pipe Tool Company has worked with integrity to provide reliable sewer services in Hudson, IA and across the Midwest. We value safety, unity, relationships, proactivity, determination and results. Take a look at where we began and see how it brought us to our 50th anniversary:

  • 1967: Vic Gearhart & Son was formed, which sold sewer parts from home and offered sewer cleaning services.
  • 1973: We hired our first employee and renamed the company Municipal Pipe Tool Company.
  • 1978: We moved to our current location in Hudson, IA.
  • 1986: Vic retired and Steve assumed ownership.
  • 1994: We started lining pipes with AM-liner, a PVC fold-and-form method.
  • 1996: We started the CIPP Corporation, which sells territories to licensees, provides technical assistance and sells materials for CIPP installations.
  • 2007: Mark Kaler and K3 Capital purchased Municipal Pipe Tool Company from Steve Gearhart.

Over the past five decades, we've worked hard to demonstrate our core values through the quality of our service and have built a solid reputation in the Hudson, IA area and throughout the Midwest. If you are need of sewer rehab or want to learn more about our sewer services, reach out to us by calling 319-988-4205.



"The EPA estimates there are 23,000 to 75,000 sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) per year in the United States. SSOs can contaminate our waters, causing serious water quality problems, and back-up into homes, causing property damage and threatening public health."

Municipal Pipe Tool Company works to prevent these harmful SSOs and help cities recover.