Become A Sewer Maintenance and Rehabilitation's Expert.

Learn More About Obtaining A Career In Trenchless Technology in Hudson, IA & Lawrence, KS.

Municipal Pipe Tool Company, LLC is a sewer maintenance and rehabilitation's contractor. The type of sewer work that we do is called "Trenchless Technology". We do not lay sewer pipe. We work on existing sewer pipelines for cities and companies throughout the Upper Midwest.

Major Requirements of employment:

  1. All employees must be able to travel during the work week. Our work schedule is normally Monday-Friday. Weekend work is rare and only under special circumstances. The work day is typically 6:30 am - 5:00 pm, although this can vary with specific project requirement. Some crews may work shift work around the clock if necessary.
    • A. If the job you are working on is located less than 1 hour from Hudson, the crew will return home each night. If the job is further than an hour drive from Hudson, the company pays the motel expense for the crew. The company also covers all fuel, parts, supplies and rental expenses while on the road. The only costs the employee is responsible for is their own food and personal purchases.
  2. All employees must have a good driving record. This typically means fewer than 3 moving violations within the past three years. All crews use company vehicles to travel to job locations. Our insurance company will not approve any drivers with unacceptable driving records.
  3. All employees must pass a post job offer drug screening. Once an employee has been hired and gone through orientation, they will immediately be sent to Sartori Occupational Health for a drug screening.

If you are interested in the possibility of working for Municipal Pipe Tool Co., LLC:
Contact Us at-
Municipal Pipe Tool Company LLC
c/o Adam Aswegan or fax to 319-988-3506