Municipal Pipe Tool Company LLC of Hudson, IA is on a mission to protect the environment. Our sewer services focus on preventive maintenance to decrease the risk of a pipe leak or groundwater infiltration issue. You can rely on us for:

  • Sewer cleaning: Clear your pipes of sand, rocks and other debris to prevent leaks, reduce the risk of groundwater infiltration and restore pipes to their original carrying capacity.
  • TV sewer inspections: A video camera enters the pipe, which allows us to record the pipe condition and detect leaks. This trenchless method is noninvasive—it doesn’t involve digging up the pipes or streets above.
  • Sewer smoke tests: When a harmless smoke is put into the sewer, we can see where the smoke comes out of the ground. This helps us locate cracked pipes which need to be rehabilitated or sealed.

We also offer sewer equipment sales and have a wide range of electronic and technical equipment available for TV sewer inspections and other sewer services. Call 319-988-4205 today to learn more about sewer cleaning and sewer inspections.

We offer five-year sewer maintenance agreements

Sewer maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your pipes and prevent leaks. We offer five-year maintenance agreements across the Midwest. We’ll inspect the lines regularly to verify that your sewer system is in tip-top condition. Call Municipal Pipe Tool Company of Hudson, IA today to arrange for a sewer maintenance agreement.